Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fireboy and Watergirl article

Fireboy and Watergirl Welcome to the gaming adventure of Fireboy and Watergirl. This is a two-playered game that you can play with your mate. Yet this is not a combat of player versus player. Co-operation and moving together is the main piece of scenario here. I will mention about some of the features of this adventure-arcade game.
You have to challenge the difficulties of temples. There are many temples in these game series. First one is Forrest Temple. You will find many difficulties in this theme to challenge with. Two players must help each other. The success of one is not important if the other fails. So, couples must help each other to reach end. Ending of each stage are with gender doors. Blue is the Water character that has female symbol on finishing door. Fire is the male character that has red male symbol on finishing door. ‘W-a-s-d’ and arrow key set are controllers. There are forbidden colour areas. Any other colour but the colour of controlled character will kill. In other words, you are safe in red areas as fire character but unsafe anywhere else. Same is valid for the other. You have to collect diamonds and other bonus points on the way.
There are grades for each level. The important thing is to finish every stage with ‘A’ grade. Time elapsed and the numbers of attempts are counted while calculating the stage success. You have to finish as soon as you can without failing there. “Fireboy and Watergirl 2” when you finish 1.

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